Is your loved one safe in their nursing home?

Resident safety is one of the number one reasons people decide that elders with ongoing health problems are better off living in a
nursing home. Many families do not have the funds to pay for private duty nurses or around-the-clock health care.

The advantage of the nursing home option is there are trained health care professionals available in case a senior falls or has
a medical emergency that needs to be addressed right away.

Good nursing homes are very selective about hiring new staff. They do extensive background checks and verify references.
The quality of care depends on the quality of the nursing home staff.

Resident safety also means quality security 24/7. You’ve heard the stories of nursing home residents wandering off the property and
potentially getting hurt or lost causing stress for the family.

Scorpion Protective Services works with nursing homes to ensure they have the proper ongoing security that gives families and
residents peace of mind knowing they are safe. This includes ongoing security monitoring and communication with supervisors
and staff at the nursing home.

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